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A Blog dedicated to the passion of flying and all things Aviation. Learn & Grow in your knowledge.

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Mar 12
Buying Your First Aircraft – Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you a new pilot in the market for an aircraft but unsure of how to start? Well, we…

Mar 11
What’s In My Flight Bag – 10 Things You Should Always Have In The Cockpit

If you are a new pilot or an experienced pilot, we all understand the value of keeping…

Mar 09
Buying vs. Renting Your Own Airplane – Is It Worth It?

You may be a student pilot or a casual pilot who just got sucked into the world of…

Mar 08
5 Easy and Cheap Ways to Start Flight School

Are you interested in learning to fly but still hesitant about the cost? Many are in…

Mar 06
5 Best Portable ADS-B IN Receivers of 2021

Tired of constantly looking for traffic every time you go flying? Meet portable ADS-B…

Mar 05
How High do Planes fly? And Why

Commercial planes fly between 35,000 and 43,000 feet. This is usually the most optimal…

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Michael Colley

Michael Colley

I am an Avid Aviation Enthusiast and private pilot based out of central jersey. My passion is aviation and I love writing helpful pieces for aviators. I hope you find AeroAvion Blog content helpful in your journey whether a new aviator or senior.


The products and services that we link to on this site are ones that I use and we are proud to recommend. If you follow one of our links or use a discount code please be aware that AeroAvion will receive a commission. We’d also like to say THANK YOU if you do. Safe skies!

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