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an exciting shake up

Mike Ojo, of popular aviation YouTube channel “MojoGrip,” along with a savvy team of pilots, initially launched LookUpAviation earlier this year. The goal of LookUpAviation is to create modern solutions and great customer service for a rather dated industry.

Mike along with the team at LookupAviation were looking to expand their innovative efforts to the larger aviation marketplace. With this in mind they looked to acquire AeroAvion.

Whats new!

LookUpAviation has acquired aviation marketplace AeroAvion which allows pilots to easily buy and sell aircraft. AeroAvion prides itself on being modern and intuitive, extending its ease of use to a mobile app by the same name which is completely free to download. Along with AeroAvion, LookUpAviation will aim to make the process of buying your next airplane easy and seamless!

AeroAvion now operates as a place to directly buy and sell aircraft. No longer are sellers limited to listings and buyers limited to simply outreaching on their own. With the direction of LookupAviation, AeroAvion is now a full stop shop for buying the aircraft of your dreams. Aircraft on AeroAvion are exclusive to the marketplace, meaning the aircraft you find here are not listed anywhere else for sale. This way you can make sure you have access to the most exclusive category online while giving sellers the most advanced opportunity to sell their aircraft.

You can start today! AeroAvion now allows users to list absolutely free of charge while only taking 5% from the final transaction.

Here is how things work:

  • There are no upfront listing fees when you register as a seller
  • Buyers can easily access aircraft logs as well as contact sellers with any questions.
  • The seller pays a transaction fee of only 5% after they sell their aircraft on the site.
  • Sellers with multiple aircraft to list on the site can access major savings with a monthly subscription of $299.

AeroAvion is the first of its kind, offering pilots a simple solution to the selling of their aircraft.

What are you waiting for! Add your listing today!

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