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AeroAvion is designed for straightforward access to aircraft listings. View seller information at a glance, message clients on site and monitor listing growth. We go through extensive training so that we may provide you with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision in choosing the aircraft that is right for your lifestyle.

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What we Offer

Unique Listings

You will find unique aircraft listings on AeroAvion not seen anywhere else online. We make sure our listings are exclusive so you have the best opportunity for exposure.

Low Fees

For Personal Sellers AeroAvion keeps 5% of the sale price, the rest goes all to you! AeroAvion is a digital broker that takes the hassle out of selling.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Are you looking for a full purchase experience? We have a unique and dedicated team experienced in hundreds of aircraft transactions. With additional fees, we will scope and offer prepurchase inspections on the aircraft after you reserve. 

Easy To Use

Our platform is one of the easisest to use. AeroAvion is straightforward offering you direct contact to the Seller & Buyer. Information is presented in a clean format so that there is absolutely no confusion when looking to purchase an aircraft.

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questions For Buyers

Buyer upfront costs amount to 10% of total aircraft cost. Half of this value goes to AeroAvion and the other half to the seller once the transaction has been confirmed.

Yes! AeroAvion simply connects you to the seller of the aircraft. As long as you have arrangements to pickup and offer final payment you will be able to purchase outside the United States & Canada.

You can contact sellers through the Direct Message function on all listings! This allows you to have a private conversation to discuss details of the aircraft. Once a reservation is made, additional contact information will be provided via email.

At this time AeroAvion does not offer financing services. However we encourage you to reach out to Aircraft ownership associations for recommendations.

You can either pick up the aircraft in person, fly it back to its new home. Or reach out to us for additional options / recommendations for ferry options.

We recommend wire transfers or cashier’s checks for payment, but there are many possible options. We do recommend discussing the potential timeline with the seller as early as possible to ensure that you’re both comfortable with the timing and steps.

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questions For Sellers

For Personal Sellers AeroAvion only takes a 5% fee from the total cost of the aircraft. 10% is taken from the buyer upfront which 5% of is transferred to the seller once sale is complete.

Yes! As long as your buyer is in agreement on pre-purchase and pickup details, selling an aircraft outside of the United States & Canada is allowed on AeroAvion.

We keep all sales perpetually available for all to see regardless of their outcome. We do this because we feel it’s essential to be transparent in order to build trust within the Aviation community.

AeroAvion protects your identity during the initial stages of Sale. Utilize the direct message feature to discuss details of the aircraft with potential buyers. Once a buyer makes a reservation your personal details will be shared and you will be in direct contact.

No – Aircraft listed on AeroAvion are for sale exclusively through the site. If a buyer or seller attempts to make a deal in an attempt to subvert AeroAvion, we will permanently ban you from the site.

In the case that a sale fails to happen the buyer will be reimbursed and the seller will be allowed to re-list their aircraft on AeroAvion.

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Aircraft Promotion

The MojoGrip Youtube channel has Over 200 Thousand subscribers giving you the best exposure to a targeted aviation audience. These viewers are actively looking for aircraft to purchase.

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Meet Our Team!


Michael Colley

Co-Founder of AeroAvion

Instrument Rated Aviator with a decade of experience, Michael is a passionate entrepreneur looking to make an impact in aviation. In early 2018, AeroAvion was envisioned to be a platform to innovate the way users buy aircraft. Michael built the initial platform from the ground up to where it is today.


Mike Ojo

Co-Founder of AeroAvion

Mike saw planes and fell in love. He created a platform called Mojogrip, you may have heard of it. Years into preaching the gospel of airplanes, Mike became interested in ownership and selling aircraft. Mike was in the market to make a platform dedicated to improving the efficiency of aircraft sales. He teamed up with Michael to create AeroAvion.

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Look-Up Aviation

Support Partner

The team at lookup aviation works with AeroAvion to fund support and develop new technologies that help you use the site more efficiently. Lookup is a vested partner in building the largest Aviation sale platform in the world.

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Sell your Aircraft Today

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to sell your aircraft online today. If you are looking for the easiest, hassle-free method to getting your aircraft in the best hands, look no further than AeroAvion.

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What is AeroAvion?

AeroAvion is a unique aircraft marketplace established with a marketing first approach. Our team has a combined 20 years of marketing experience with a focus in aviation. The AeroAvion Marketplace is one of a kind offering users with enhanced viewer metrics, data first analysis, with backed demographic data for ad targeting. We utilize new age techniques to get your listings in front of more people. This is done through our promotional packages available on your listing page. We offer more control over who you sees your listing as our goal is to provide sellers with a platform, powerful toolset, and insight.

Our partnered dealers are listed to support you and your aviation needs. Looking for a broker? We are able to match you with a list of our certified dealers and brokers located around the world. This streamlines the buying process enabling you to get in the pilots seat.

AeroAvion is designed for straightforward access to aircraft listings. View seller information at a glance, message clients on site and monitor listing growth. We go through extensive training so that we may provide you with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision in choosing the aircraft that is right for your lifestyle.

    • Robust selection of Aircraft.
    • 100+ offers on site, trusted by a community.
    • Enhanced market insights and tools to make an educated decision.
    • We know how to handle a wide range of Aircraft marketing services.

Engineered Advertising

Our Data is pulled from resources such as Data USA, FAA, and other organizations that sell privatized information on aviation resources. We use this to your advantage by placing this directly in our Ad targeting. We pay for ad placements and put your listings in the forefront of active buyers. Our information shows that our viewers are interested in purchasing an aircraft within 3-6 months. This gives you an advantage to stay in front of the noise and localize your listings.

AeroAvion App

With the AeroAvion App we enter into the iOS marketplace. This allows us to be one of the few Aircraft marketplaces native mobile devices. This allows for a vast audience and new marketing channel where we can send your listing as a notification right to the users device.


Promotions is the AeroAvion way to find your audience market. On the My Listing page you can select a specific listing to be boosted within a certain marketing channel. We create advertisements and placements for you. Within a day you should see this reflected in your viewership and increasing the chances of meeting the right buyer.

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